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Charming Lombok

For many years Lombok has been regarded as Bali’s little sister.., however nowadays it stands proudly as a full holiday destination at its own, with in 2013 a jump in tourist arrivals of more than 200% !

Apart from the legendary status Bali is enjoying, Lombok has it all as well, however differently..

Fantastic tropical beaches, a unique culture, a wide choice of hotels, resorts, villas in all categories, a great variation of excursions and activities, fine restaurants, a bustling nightlife, small Robinson Crusoe exotic islands, superb diving, deep sea fishing, golf, a brand new international airport, …

Ideally for those who have been to Bali and want to explore something new and different, but with all the trills and frills which can be found in Bali , except the hustle and bustle of Kuta or trendy Seminyak..
Or ideally to create a combi Bali & Lombok package.

Some of our suggestions; stay a couple of nights at Senggigi Beach and discover and explore a bit of Lombok by participating in cultural sightseeing excursions, or by participating in an exciting activity like an off road Jeep Safari. Take a few days off at Sekotong Beach, or at one of the many small tropical islands, like Gili Trawangan, Gili Nanggu or our favorite Gili Air. For those who are a bit adventurous; go and climb the majestic Rinjani Volcano, Indonesia’s second highest volcano.

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