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WhiteWater Rafting

Pictures are courtesy of our adventure partner: Bali Adventure Tours  www.baliadventuretours.com

You will have breakfast at the hotel and then will be taken whitewater rafting on the sacred Ayung River.
This trip is safe and very professionally organized. For the more active ones, this is a real 'must-do'!
The action starts when you launch into a 9.6km stretch of river, navigating through 33 class II and III rapids, set to a backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces. Professionally trained and experienced guides pilot safety-equipped and Avon rafts through the best river runs, dramatic drops and spectacular waterfalls to make your Bali rafting ride a fun and awesome experience.
End the action packed 2 hour (approx) journey with hot showers, clean towels and changing rooms followed by a hot gourmet buffet feast.
For those trill seekers who like it a little bit wilder; they should do the rafting on the Telaga Waja River on the slopes of the Agung Volcano in East Bali, with more and bigger rapids .
Note: you might find offers for whitewater rafting in Bali which are cheaper than ours. There are multiple rafting companies in Bali, but unfortunately not all offer the same quality and safety. We only cooperate with the best (foreign specialist management!), with proven records, safety and proper insurance. Pay a bit more for your safety !
Several whitewater rafting combi packages are available; fe  including cycling, elephant safari park in Taro, trekking…
We also offer rafting options in Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi !
Contact us for more info ! We love white water rafting..



  • Copycat companies are just that, a copy of the original. It is well known that originals are always the best. Most claim to be the same as the original, but never are.
  • Copycat companies usually use cheaper and inferior products to enable them to undercut the original and usually their facilities are built to a budget for this reason. These copycat companies often compromise safety by cutting corners and costs to save money.
  • Even though copycat companies are often cheaper, they never give the same value and service, or offer the same product. Even though they may claim to be as good in their advertising, they are never the same value as the original.


  • B.A.R. is the only company in Indonesia using the world famous Avon rafts. Avon rafts are renowned as the safest and most stable rafts used in the world.
  • B.A.R. uses only 'state of the art' safety equipment.
  • All guides are trained to world standards in river knowledge and safety procedures.
  • B.A.R. rafts the beautiful 'Ayung' river near Ubud, well known as Bali's most pristine river, with more than 20 sets of exciting rapids over 8½ kilometres.
  • Only B.A.R. has a complete Restaurant and Bar at the finishing point, that offers a full buffet meal made fresh in our own kitchen with full waitress service.
  • B.A.R. offers changing rooms, hot showers and free use of towels and bags for wet clothes. Only after showering and changing do you eat in our restaurant with it's magnificent view of the rice paddies.

Note: Other companies often make guests eat in wet clothes and then climb hundreds of stairs after eating, on a full stomach. Food served to their clients is often of poor quality that has been prepared at another location under non-hygienic conditions and then transported to the dining venue using no refrigeration. It is often prepared hours before it is eaten by guests and is therefore stale or cold.