"Nothing goes out without the signature of the Chef.."
"we are your Product Manager on the spot"
"we are your eyes, you ears and your presence on the spot"
"We aim to bring you the very best in pricing, in products and in services"
“ Whatever the requirement: mostly we have done it before..”
"What is good for you is good for us"
"Our roadmap is one of inspiring you, be committed, create value, and make a difference"
"We treasure "a dollar saved is a dollar earned"
“ It are the details and nuances what make the difference”

We only co-operate with very well selected activity providers, for activities such as rafting, cycling, trekking, diving, water sports, etc. This is Asia, where successful products are easily copied by those who want to profit with easy and quick cash, from proven successful products, but by overlooking the quality, the service and most importantly: the safety. Our selected activity suppliers have proven track records when it comes to quality, service and safety. They might not be the cheapest, but they are the best!