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The west bali national park

Why is West Bali overlooked? Simply because almost nobody knows, or has heard of it.
Why does nobody know? Because West Bali is not promoted by ‘local agents’ to their overseas clientele.
Why is West Bali not promoted by ‘local agents’? Because, to many local agents there are ‘no shopping malls or theme parks, there is no night life and some believe there are “bad ghosts”…..and West Bali is ‘ too far away’.  It is just jungle, empty beaches and wildlife…’, …and they believe foreign visitors to Bali are simply  not interested!

StarJTravel presents Discover & Explore West Bali has been established to promote quality tourism to West Bali, on a friendly budget.

StarJTravel presents was founded and is managed by (Mrs.) Ni Putu Saraswati.

“Saraswati” grew up at the famed surfing beach of Medewi. In her early twenties she started traveling the world, and spent some years living in London managing a shop selling Balinese silver jewelry.  Homesick to her native paradise island and its daily Hindu rituals and ceremonies, she returned to Bali and started working in the tourism industry.

Wondering why millions of tourists were mainly only visiting the South of Bali and ‘The West’ was only visited by a very few, she started promoting the potentials of West Bali and established StarJTravel presents Discover & Explore West Bali.
Saraswati and her professional team have an extensive knowledge of the area and closely co-operate with the officials of the Bali National Park and the local people and authorities.

StarJTravel presents is granted some exclusive licenses to operate selected and unique activities inside the Park, and has been awarded the No1 tourism provider for the Bali National Park.

Some activities include; a gentle treck inside the National Park, an off-road Jeep safari, snorkeling at the superb reefs surrounding Menjangan Island, a visit to  the Bali Starling breed and release center deep inside the park. There is also sight seeing to be done to some of the cultural highlights, including a visit to Bali’s ‘love temple’; Jayaprana, one of Bali’s most important Temple’s: the Rambut Siwi Temple; see the big Pinisini boats at Perancak harbor; and climb the ‘Bali Tower’.
Combine all of this with local daily life by visiting one or more traditional Bali Hindu villages, where the daily paradise lifestyle is alive as it always was..

You can also Include some evening entertainment like serving your clients a real ‘Ayam Betutu’ dish, and take them to Pebuahan beach for a sumptuous seafood dinner ‘Jimbaran style, re; 20 yrs ago’.

And spice up the program with some exclusive package items, like;

Overnight in a ‘tent’ at a deserted pristine coral beach, inside the Bali National Park.
Early morning picnic breakfast, to see the sunrise and wonderful views of Bali’s and Java’s volcanoes.
A ‘Jegog and Joged Bumbung’ performance is a must.
A Hindu blessing and dinner with dance and music performance, inside a High Priest compound.
A Star watching picnic dinner.
A Visit to the buffalo races.

We are here for the average visitor. Our guests do not have to be a seasoned and trained outdoor adventurer or sportsmen. Anybody with a normal physical health can join our programs. And we can also create a tailor made program for the disabled. Packages can easily be created starting from South Bali, Ubud, Lovina Beach in North Bali, Pemuteran in North West Bali and for those coming overland from Java, through Gilimanuk Harbor.