"Whatever the requirement; mostly we have done it before .."
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Indonesia: "an archipelago of 17.000 shining diamonds ..."
  • Claus, Managing Director

    "Thank you very much for all your hospitality during the visit of my family and I to Indonesia. All 4 of us had a great time and it was fantastic to experience Java and Bali first hand. Also thank you for meeting me both at Taman Wana Villas and in Sanur. It was a true pleasure meeting you all and I am looking very much forward to further expanding our partnership in the future."

  • David, Product Director

    “I have been working with DMC’s all over the world for over 20 years. The service, enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, vision and professionalism that I experience with Indonesia Holidays DMC is absolutely outstanding The energy they bring helped us to double our figures to Indonesia"

  • Kirsten, Product Director

    Thank you very much for making my few days in Bali so great. I am very pleased that we met, and our company will now go forward resting assured that  booking and operation rest in the best hands! I am happy that I was able to see so many hotels. Cakra, I am very honored that you arranged the dance at your palace for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. Once we get the numbers of clients rolling, it would be a fantastic asset for the trips and indeed also for our company to have something that other operators cannot offer.Once again thank you so much!

  • Linda, General Manager

    “Out of the box! Real partnership and friends”

  • Marc, South East Asia Area Manager

    “This is the Indonesian DMC partner I was looking for ! Reliable, committed, affordable, inspiring, fun, knowledgeable, true artists in their fields”

  • Patrick, Product Manager

    "Thank you and we are honored for partnering with us.Be proud about what you are doing. Great company and team!"

  • Walter, Contracting Manager

    “Both thumbs up to this team”

  • Wilfried, Product Manager

    "After constantly having to move from one to another Indonesian DMC, because there was always 'something', we finally found the perfect match with Indonesia Holidays DMC, and we are much looking forward that they also handle our products and services in Thailand and Vietnam."

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