"Nothing goes out without the signature of the Chef.."
"we are your Product Manager on the spot"
"we are your eyes, you ears and your presence on the spot"
"We aim to bring you the very best in pricing, in products and in services"
“ Whatever the requirement: mostly we have done it before..”
"What is good for you is good for us"
"Our roadmap is one of inspiring you, be committed, create value, and make a difference"
"We treasure "a dollar saved is a dollar earned"
“ It are the details and nuances what make the difference”


We can provide and tailor make, almost any thematic itinerary…whether it is DIVING all over the archipelago, enjoying GOLF on some of the most exotically located courses, YOGA and SPIRITUAL tours, WELLNESS and SPA holidays, MEDICAL and WELL BEING trips, CRUISE SHIP Shore excursions, COOKING courses, PHOTOGRAPHY tours, EDUCATION and CULTURAL tours, HONEYMOON and WEDDING programs, ADVENTURE and SPORTING programs, PRESS trips, just name it…

We are well experienced in handling group tours; from series to niche, on all islands. We can provide your groups with experienced group tour leaders, tour directors and guides, in several languages. Each of them are well selected, trained and supervised, and are well experienced in handling international groups, with international needs and etiquettes.

Bali and Beyond is probably the absolute destination when it comes to pleasing even the most demanding incentive itinerary. Probably no other destination has so much variation to offer for any budget; "top class hotels and resorts, easy international access by top airlines, all needed and up to date MICE facilities, legendary culture, fantastic nature, beaches, an enormous portfolio of excursions and activities, good infrastructure, safety, a wide and varied range of high quality wining and dining options, first class service, multi lingual guiding, …All this at very low prices compared to other destinations.."

We can provide any kind of leisure itinerary and service, at most of the islands.. From simple beach holidays and round tours, to multi island trips and cruises. From budget up to high end. Both Individuals and groups.

We can provide assistance and delivery for all types of ticketing; domestic flights, boats, ferries, trains etc.

As our valued customer and friend, and much realizing that we relay to each other, we will appoint you with your personal local travel manager, who will assist you with whatever you need, and who will overlook his/her own team for the products, operations, reservations and accounting matters.

Since many decades –the most legendary of all islands: Bali- attract the rich and famous as one of their favorite discrete holiday destinations, or to enjoy a short break from the wild life.

It is known that Bali was the favorite with Charlie Chaplin and Rockefeller, among those who felt in love with Bali were bigger than life figures like Ronald Reagan, Lady Di, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Richard Branson, David and Victoria ..up to nowadays icons like Paris Hilton, Ronaldo, Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis…just to name a few, and among the Presidents and CEO's of famed multinational companies..

We can assist you with advising and delivering ticketing for domestic airlines, trains, boats, etc. Basically, we deliver the tickets cost to cost. The service is free of charge, but we do charge a small handling fee for the overhead costs.

We only co-operate with very well selected activity providers, for activities such as rafting, cycling, trekking, diving, water sports, etc. This is Asia, where successful products are easily copied by those who want to profit with easy and quick cash, from proven successful products, but by overlooking the quality, the service and most importantly: the safety. Our selected activity suppliers have proven track records when it comes to quality, service and safety. They might not be the cheapest, but they are the best!

Do you find it impossible to keep track on all the hotels, resorts, villas, apartments, all over Indonesia? With the booming tourism industry there are literally hundreds of new projects and developments going on a daily basis.

We have contracts with hundreds of accommodation providers all over the archipelago, from simple budget and family run small hotels, up to the very high end and exclusive resorts and villas.

No doubt BALI paradise is the favorite choice to many when it comes to a romantic far away HONEYMOON or WEDDING destination. Bali has it all to bring your clients a memorable honeymoon.

Our specialized Honeymoon travel managers know the best itineraries, arrangements, romantic hotels and locations for any budget. They can assist you and your clients with all arrangements for a full, legal wedding on Bali.

Bali & Indonesia have some of the most exotic and fanciest golf courses, usually at very affordable and non member rates in comparison to other destinations. We can provide you with tee off bookings at the best times, and multi island golf tours.

Probably no other destination has so much to offer and with such variation, to please and surprise even the most seasoned diver who has seen it all and has been diving anywhere. In co-operation with well selected dive operators on the many dive spots in Indonesia, we can provide almost any dive itinerary and safari, for individuals and groups, all over the Indonesian archipelago. From North Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bunaken, Bali, Lombok, Maluccu, Komodo and East Indonesia, Kalimantan and up to the unknown underwater world of Papua. From land trips to live-aboard diving cruises.

We have fantastic, and very unique, photography group SIC tours, to Bali, Java and Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan), accompanied by professional photographer tour leaders.


We spent a lot of time and energy in inspecting what we promote and sell.
We intensively travel the archipelago.

For the accommodations; we inspect not only the visible facilities, but also go beyond guest areas, like kitchens and staff quarters, keep an eye on the hygienic and safety areas, as well as the location and surrounding areas.

We do our utmost to have an open communication about our findings and provide fact sheets about each accommodation.

Our transport used is well selected and we give much priority to safety and comfort.