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Our Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions & Disclaimers:


(Including its subsidiary brands;

Asia Holidays DMC, Star J Travel, The Bali Flexi Pass, eo.)

INDONESIA HOLIDAYS DMC: All our brands are brand names operated and fully licensed according to all company and travel agent legalities under Pt. Indonesia Holidays,  Jalan Tukad Balian 333A, Renon, Denpasar, Bali.

Contact: Mr. Dewa Gede Cakra Negara  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

* “ our”  “we”  “us” = Indonesia Holidays DMC.



Our commitment is to deliver creative, safe and high quality services and customer experiences. With a focus on customer safety, quality control and service delivery, assuring your customers the comfort of reliable standards across the countries in which we operate, within a clearly defined set of socially responsible values. Creativity, innovation, professionalism and reliability are our strengths.  We aim to give you reliable services, competitive prices and fairness in business. With more than 20 years experience in the local DMC business ‘on the spot’, we have an in-depth knowledge of our destinations, in all their facets and to all its potentials and options. We Inspire. We Plan. We Execute. We Care.

We bring you the best of South East Asia.


Confirmations within allotments are acknowledged by return. Services and bookings without allotment will be handled on a request and confirm basis, subject to availability, with reservation status changes communicated immediately;

Provision of comprehensive details such as names, arrival and departure flights and timings, number of adults, children (with ages) and infants, dietary or other special requirements.  We will ensure we respond to your request efficiently;

Acknowledgements and confirmations will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours, whenever possible;

In the event we are unable to confirm your request, we will provide an alternative, wherever possible, for your consideration and acceptance;

Confirmations could take longer than 24 hours for extensive, custom-made or complex/ multi-city itineraries, and for groups where rates and services can benefit from specific negotiation;

We reserve the right to levy a mutually agreed handling fee for reservations and or provision of services (and managing logistics of service delivery), outside the scope of those contractually agreed and required, or requested by the customer.

A booking is only fully confirmed after the full payment has been settled.

Vouchers/exchange orders

Please issue one (1) voucher, addressed to us for all services provided by us, clearly listing all confirmed services at the destination(s).

Confidential contract rates

Confidential rates are based on market research, competition analysis, strategic negotiation and in-depth information for each specific season. All rates quoted in the tariff are net and non-commissionable, and under the condition that they cannot be displayed in any way to third parties.  Rates are quoted in the specifically mentioned currency only.

Minimum selling rates

Accommodation establishments and/or suppliers in the region may require us to adhere to a Minimum Selling Rate, or Minimum Selling Price (MSR or MSP) guidelines, which will be communicated to you for implementation.

Handling fees

If required to book accommodation under your direct contract agreements, we will charge a pre-agreed handling fee, either per person or per booking. The company will manage the bookings on your behalf, based on information provided by you.

The handling fee will include processing of the reservations, amendments and/or cancellations, as communicated by you.  In case of payments to hotels made through us (but based on your direct contract agreements), we generally require for a floating deposit.

Per person rates/per room rates

All hotel rates in our confidential tariff are per room per night and inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes, unless otherwise specified; All tours and transfer rates in our confidential tariff are per person and inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes, unless otherwise specified; All inclusive hotel rates are usually provided per person, per night. Specific services from outside our confidential tariff will be offered based on the quotation from the supplier.

Compulsory meals

Please note that most hotels include compulsory special gala dinners on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and sometimes on national and/or other festive occasions in each country.  This is a compulsory charge, regardless of whether the client wants the dinner or not and will be invoiced by us.  It is not possible for customers to pay for these meals on the spot.


Unless otherwise specified, all quoted rates are inclusive of applicable taxes (including service charges, Value Added Taxes and/or locally charged taxes). Domestic tourism taxes and/or airport taxes may be applicable and are not included.  These need to be paid directly to the relevant authority, by the traveler, except when it is clearly featured in the agreed itinerary that those charges are included.

In the event of government imposed tax changes, we reserve the right to alter the rates accordingly.  We reserve the right to collect any differentials from the clients individually, should they arise.


All quoted rates, unless otherwise specified, are net and non-commissionable.

Cancellations & refund policies

Cancellation policy differs from one hotel / supplier to another.  The basic cancellation policies when using our services are as below:

25% cancellation fee from the pro forma invoice per pax one month prior the tour commencing

50% cancellation fee from the pro forma invoice per pax 4 weeks to 2 weeks prior the tour commencing

100% cancellation fee from the pro forma invoice per pax less than 2 weeks prior the tour commencing

Other case to case cancellation fees may be charged, in accordance to the suppliers rules.

Cancellation rules apply to all kind of cancellations; including sudden sickness, accident, death, forces of nature etc.

Cancellations where the client is on the spot, for any reason, will be charged 100%.

Different cancellation policies and charges apply for case to case bookings and situations.

Different cancellation policies and charges apply for tickets (flight, boat, train, ferry).

Different cancellation policies and charges apply for activities booked by third parties.

Any cancellation, whatsoever, will be charged a handling fee of US$ 25 per booking file.


In general we provide a free of charge service for up to 3 amendments after the booking confirmation.  

Extra amendments after this will be generally charged at US$ 25 per amendment.

If there are costs resulting from amendments (like cancellation fees), charges will be made accordingly.

Amendments for tickets (flights, boat, and train) will be charged according to the supplier rules and charges.

Exchange rates / Currency Fluctuation Waivers

All rates quoted in the confidential tariff are in local currencies, in Indonesian Rupiah, US$ Dollars, or in Euros, unless otherwise stated.  In some cases, the local currency and/or the rate will be quoted in accordance to the hotel or other supplier`s policy rate. We do not guarantee currency conversion rates or any quotation where currency conversion is included.  We reserve the right to adjust rates in case of fluctuations in exchange rates.

 Tickets (flight, boat, trains) are always in local currency.  The exchange rates used are those featured on www.xe.com on the day which the proposal is sent to you, but may be subject to change until the full payment has arrived into our account.  Once the full payment has arrived we guarantee no further changes to the given rates will be made.


Children and infant discounts apply for each destination, with detailed explanations on exceptions and variations. Children and infant discounts apply when travelling with at least 2 (two) full paying adults, unless otherwise specified. In general an Infant is considered 0-2 yrs.  A child is considered 2-12 yrs.

Free of charge policies (Tour leader/ tour director)

Throughout Asia, special conditions for tour leaders / tour directors differ.  We are committed to assisting, where possible, by providing specific rates and conditions for tour leaders / tour directors. Kindly specify for groups, whether a native speaking tour leader / tour director will join with the customers, to be provided with special rates and conditions to tailor-make the right conditions for your proposal.

It should be clearly understood and accepted by the tour organizer and tour leader that in most countries a foreign tour leader is not legally allowed to ‘work’ in the country the tour goes, unless he carry the right visa and documents provided by the Embassy or Consulate of the country. A foreign tour leader is considered a tourist, and is not allowed to guide, to lead, to hold a microphone or megaphone, a flag, or whatever which can give an impression the tour leader is working or being paid. At all times a tour leader should cooperate very well, diplomatically and with respect with the guides, drivers, hotel front desks, restaurants, and whomever.  We automatically disclaim any responsibility towards tour leaders not following the local rules, cultures and habits, and we keep the rights to stop at any given time the services and cooperation to a tour leader not respecting the local rules.

Inspections / educational tours / contracting trips

We do support, wherever possible, work-related travel, with discounted or free-of-charge services throughout our destinations, and can negotiate on your behalf to obtain special agreements for work-related travel purposes.  Any cost related to such trips will be charged on a net basis.  NB:- these agreements are not valid for private holidays.  The client should carry business cards at all times and, no more than 20% of the days should be spent for private reasons or holiday.


Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, a guarantee deposit of 25% on the full invoiced amount is required within 14 working days of the booking confirmation being made or, for arrivals, after 60 days of the invoice date.  Proof of transfer MUST be sent to us in order to avoid an automatic cancellation of the booking.

The balance of the payment should arrive as stipulated on the invoice.

A deposit of 50%  or the full payment is required within 14 working days after the booking confirmation, for arrivals within 60 days of the invoice date. Proof of transfer MUST be sent to us to avoid an automatic cancellation of the booking.

The balance of the payment should arrive as per stipulated on the invoice.

Full payment is required immediately after the booking confirmation, for arrivals within 45 days of the invoice date.  

Proof of transfer MUST be sent to us to avoid an automatic cancellation of the booking.

Please keep in consideration that an international money transfer to our account may take up to 14 working days.

The general payment rules are subject to exceptions at all times and for various reasons.

We do not take any responsibility for delayed arrival of money transfers; either delayed by the client’s bank, or by our bank.  If the full payment or balance has not arrived at the stipulated timing, an automatic annulment of the booking might apply.  Where a balance or full payment has not arrived into our account and the client has already arrived, we reserve the right to make a direct/on the spot charge to the client, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing.

Exceptions for extra deposit or advance payments might apply, if required by the hotel or contractor, to secure the booking.

Immediate full payment is required for tickets (flight, train, boat).

A deposit or advance payment is refundable according to the cancellation policy. A fixed handling fee of US$ 25 per booking file will be charged and deducted.  Refunds will be sent within 14 Indonesian working days after the formal confirmation of the cancellation.  Any costs in bank transfers are to the receiver.

In general there will be no refund for cancellations for tickets (flight, train, boat).

Payments can be made by telegraph transfer, or bankers’ draft, to our bank account beneficiary.   We shall be entitled to claim for and receive payment of any expenses incurred in claiming any shortfall in payments.  All bank charges and fees are to be paid by the sender.

Non-compliance with these conditions can result in automatic cancellation of services without prior notice.

Pre-payment procedures during high/peak seasons may vary, depending on the accommodation policy to guarantee the booking. We will inform you accordingly about this for each individual case.

For last minute bookings of arrivals within 30 days of the booking confirmation, we may require the full payment to be sent through Western Union, at the client’s expenses.  Please keep this extra cost in your consideration when giving your quote to the client.


This agreement, its contents and all related documentation sent over to the customer/tour operator are strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to any third parties. The tour operator commitments: The following are our expectations of the tour operator in order to receive these special contracted rates from us: These special contracted rates are offered based on the ability of the tour operator to drive/travel to us;

To protect this confidentiality, we will not disclose the rates to its customers and will invoice the tour operator directly;

Rates are confidential and cannot be promoted or sold on the Internet or otherwise (including third party websites) unless “packaged” with other elements.

Travel requirements

Passport & Visa

Information about passport requirements, when making travel inquiries with us, is strongly advisable. For all travel to and from the country/countries wherein we are serving, its customers must hold and carry a valid passport at all times.  Conditions for specific validity of passports and regulations, and for other valid travel documentation, can be obtained from each respective embassy and/or consulate of the customer.  For most countries, passports need to be valid for at least six months after the date of return when presented at a border post/airport/seaport.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend that the client obtains a comprehensive travel insurance policy while travelling.  Neither we nor our agents/suppliers or business partners can (nor will) be held responsible for any loss, damaged or stolen personal belongings.

Accidents, sickness, evacuation, or other unfortunate happenings to the guests might occur and happen at any time. It should be understood and automatically accepted that in case a case is handled by the insurance company of the guest, that Indonesia Holidays DMC will not get involved at any moment and for any reason, as this might turn against the policy of the insurance company. We do not take any costs involved to us. Although in case of a local hospitalization we will bring a courtesy and comfort visit when and if this is possible.

Health and Safety

We do our utmost to comply with all industry required health and safety guidelines, in the selection of product and in the provision of services.  All of our customers are required, at all times, to follow the safety regulations for any service provided e.g. wearing seat belts during transfers and wearing life vests for any boat/sailing tour.  

We shall not be held responsible in any way for any kind of food and/or beverage consumed, which has been recommended by us.   We do disclaim any responsibility for any factors unknown to us.



Accommodation in and around Asia

There are practically no hotels/resorts, with standard triple rooms in their inventory. These are commonly double/twin rooms with an extra (rollaway) bed, sometimes a mattress on the floor, limiting space within the room. Please inform all concerned accordingly in order to correctly manage expectations.  Extra bed rates / triple sharing room rates are available in the confidential tariff;

Single room supplements are indicated in the confidential tariff. It is common that the provided rooms are twin/double rooms for single use only;

Preferences such as smoking/non-smoking, king-size beds, and location of the room cannot be guaranteed or confirmed in advance and are subject to hotel policy and availability at time of check-in.

If the itinerary goes into Sumatra or Flores, and remote islands, please be aware that the general hotel standards are lower than those in fe. Java or Bali.


Although hotels/guest-houses/accommodation in the region may be able to provide you with information about their qualification, the properties used and offered by us in this part of the world may not all have official star qualification, issued by an official government-accredited hotel association within the country of operation.

If required we can provide you with our own internal star qualification, for all of its accommodations, which is based on its own experience and certain criteria, to ensure you have an interpretation of the qualification.  We shall not be held liable in any way for this star qualification, should it result in complaints.

It might happen that a proposed and booked hotel turns out to be below the expectations from the guests. If clients require on the spot to move to another hotel, this is possible based on the following conditions; most hotels will ask a cancellation fee, whether from one to four nights depending of the hotel’s policy. The cancellation fee will be charged directly to the clients. If the alternative hotel turns out to be more expensive than the original booked one, the difference in room rate per night will be charged directly to the clients. If the alternative hotel turns out to be less expensive than the original booked one, there will be no reimbursement. For each change of hotel on the spot, a handling fee of US$ 20,- will be charged either directly to the clients, or upon agreement directly to their travel agent.

It should be understood that overnights in a tent or on a boat are very basic. Usually a mattress is provided, and (sometimes) limited fresh water is available for shower and sanitary. Overall the sanitary facilities, if available, are simple and basic.

Notes and disclaimer regarding overnights in Guesthouses and Home stays; some guesthouses and home stays deliver real 3* qualities, others are very basic, with fe. no tvset, no a/c (usually fan) (if aircon is available it might be a noisy one), sometimes only cold water, rooms might not always be clean to standards, or with spots on the carpet or wall, staff not always speak and understand proper English, bed sheets however washed might look not so nice, breakfast can be basic, mice like mousse, rats, cockroaches, geckos might be seen… We never can give guarantees regarding the quality, and is purely based on price & quality. Flexibility and a soft sense of adventure is required from the guests, otherwise it is advised to pay supplements for upgrades to higher standard hotels

Room allocation

If requested we will ask the accommodation provider for a specific room allocation, or DBL or TWIN bedding.
However, we don’t take any responsibility regarding the final allocation or bedding type, as we only act as a middlemen.

Project / Renovation / Refurbishment

Most accommodations (hotel/villa/apartment) are visited and inspected by us, or by our local partners, at least once a year.
If in the meantime there is any refurbishment, renovation, project or a closed facility going on, or there is a project in the nearby area of the accommodation with fe. a disturbing noise, dust, or difficult or dirty access to the hotel, and in case we are not prior informed by the accommodation provider, than we disclaim any responsibility and leave the full responsibility with the accommodation management.


Unless otherwise specified, all tours and transfers are operated under the following conditions:

All tours operated includes transport which is in good working order ;

In general the tours and transfers include 1 driver + 1 tour guide/leader;

An exception to this is during transfers, where no tour guide may be present;

Assistance requirements for languages other than English are subject to availability and may require an additional charge;

Tours include entrance fees, meals (when mentioned) excluding any drinks, parking and donation fees;

Some tours/excursions may include limited and selected shopping stops.

If the itinerary goes into Java, please be aware that several included sightseeing objects might be closed on Mondays, local public holidays and without prior notice.

If your clients visit Bromo during the high seasons, be informed that it might be extremely crowded on the viewing points at the Penanjakan Mountain to see the sunrise, sometimes with thousands of visitors at the same time..

If your clients have an excursion included to see the sunset at the Tanah Lot Temple in Bali; please be informed that the return transfer to the hotel in South Bali, after the sunset, might take up 2 to 3 hrs, due to extreme heave traffic and traffic jams caused on the way back from Tanah Lot.

It should be understood by the guests that in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra and Java, that the combination of distances in kms and duration is very relative. A rather considered short distance in kms might take much more hours on the road than guests have imagined.

Fe. for the routing Yogyakarta or Solo, to Bromo or Malang / from Bromo or Malang to Kalibaru or Ijen / from Kalibaru or Ijen to South Bali; might take 12 hrs and more.

It should be understood by the guests that during overland tours, particularly in Sumatra and Java, the departure time for the day program might be early. Depending of the program or routing ahead, but generally at 7am, sometimes between 5 and 6am.  In general the logistic is planned to have an arrival in the hotel before sunset, generally 6pm, however no guarantees are given as it might depend of local circumstances.

Public transport: with the exception of some public train voyages in Java, and a local ferry crossing between Java and Bali, we never make use of public transport like busses, public shuttles, boats or ferries.  On special request by the booking agency or clients, we can provide public transport services however we automatically disclaim any responsibility for anything what might occur, like; delays, cancellations, accidents, stolen & lost items, and including information given by us like time schedules, fares, whatsoever.


Unless otherwise stated, we will provide, for each destination and according to the rates provided in our confidential tariff:

Meet and greet services with name sign and/or with your specific company logo;

Assistance with arrival and departure procedures at airports, stations, ports, hotels and/or any other venue; Transportation according to the booked itinerary; Reconfirmation of onward travel reservations. Some excursions and activities might be operated in SIC by an external provider, and usually includes the hotel transfer –unless otherwise stated- based on SIC operated by the activity provider. This includes as well the hotel transfers linked to fast boat transfers.

See also (External) activity and excursion providers (SIC Tours)


Committed to nothing but the best, we use only the best available transportation in each destination.  Transportation (road or water transport) will be operated by fully-licensed drivers/operators, in accordance to general local safety standards. Vehicles are maintained strictly in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and kept clean and in good working order:

We kindly make the client aware that standards of transportation in each destination it operates in may differ, yet we are committed to providing the best available means of transportation in each specific area of operation.

Transportation provided by suppliers, like airlines, boats and trains;  they are what they are, and our advise when using this type of transportation will always come with the best intentions, however we do disclaim any responsibility regarding delays, bad or lack of good services, annulations, incidents and accidents.

We should be advised by the booker if a guest has an extraordinary height or weight, considering in general 1.85mtr height and until 100kgr in weight as a maximum normality.

See also  

(External) activity and excursion providers (SIC Tours)

Guides and representation in each destination

Without doubt, our guides are our true ambassadors.  We provide a multilingual team of professional guides.  All of our guides are licensed and registered with the relevant authorities and undergo extensive training prior to leading tours.  Most of our guides work on a freelance basis and we hire them according to our needs. Our foreign language speaking guides are well selected based on their skills and language proficiency; however their language proficiency might not always be 100% fluent or accent free, and we expect flexibility, cooperation and diplomacy from our clients.

All our guides / tour leaders are Indonesian. All our foreign language (English, Dutch, French, German, …) speaking guides are officially certified to guide in the language. However, the foreign language is not their native mother tongue, and might not be 100% fluently or accent free. Flexibility and cooperation from the guests is required.

There is never a guarantee that the same guide or tour leader will accompany the guests during the entire stay. It might happen that different guides will handle the guests.

During some visits at sightseeing objects the guests might be guided by local temple or palace guides based on SIC (joining-in with other travelers or groups, and only in the English language).

Excursions inside the Bali National Park ,snorkeling trips around Menjangan Island and dolphin spotting trips in Lovina, are only guided by local guides and only English Speaking. The assigned tour guide will not join the excursions, unless pre-booked and with a supplement.

We keep the right, with or without prior notice and without any refund or compensation, to replace a ‘certain language’ (fe. Dutch, French, German,) promised guide to replace with another ‘English’ speaking guide. This due the limited availability of foreign language speaking guides during some periods, and the promised ‘certain language’ guide might fall sick or might not operate due to other reasons, while no replacement is available.

Complaints and irregularities

We consider complaints as valuable feedback to improve service delivery levels. We request that service delivery failures or customer concerns, be reported during the customer’s stay, to one of our representatives, or through the 24/7 assistance number provided to each client.  It is our aim to solve any problems or irregularity on the spot. We reserve the right to refuse to take action on any perceived irregularities where they are submitted to the company 14 days or more, after the customer returns back home.

Hotels & Accommodation

It might happen that the provided hotel or accommodation, its facilities, breakfast or location is below the client’s expectation. It is our service to assist the client by proposing alternative accommodation when available.  If the alternative accommodation, or room upgrade, is more expensive than the original accommodation, this surcharge will be charged to the client on the spot, including potential cancellation fees of the original accommodation, unless we have a written confirmation from the agent that the agent guarantees to pay the surcharge.  If the alternative accommodation is cheaper than the originally booked accommodation and accepted by the clients, no refund will apply, under any circumstances.

It might happen that the room location is below the client’s expectation.  This is solely the accommodation provider responsibility;  however it is our service to communicate with the hotel to find the best solution.  We will take no responsibility in this instance.

Ticketing only

We may act as a middleman to provide a ‘tickets only’ service for domestic airlines, trains, boats, ferries, etc.

We charge cost to cost, based on the exchange rate of the day.  We will also charge a handling fee per ticket.

We disclaim any responsibility whatsoever regarding the services of the operator, including delays, annulations, incidents and accidents.  

We only and solely book and provide the ticket.

Regarding the domestic airlines in Indonesia:

We strongly prefer to make use of the services of Garuda Indonesia Airlines, when possible and when available.

For routings not provided by Garuda Airlines, or when the price is a concern, we will propose alternative carriers when available.  It is our hope that the agent and client understand that all  domestic Indonesian carriers (except Garuda Indonesia Airlines and its subsidiaries like Citylink and Xplore and AirAsia)are actually banned (black listed) to fly within the EU areas, and that some domestic Indonesian carriers have a notorious reputation when it comes to service, with regards to flying on time, and safety.

Most domestic Indonesian, Thai and other regional airlines are directly bookable online. We strongly recommend to the tour operator or client to book the tickets directly online, without our intervention.

However, as an act of service we can also issue those tickets in exchange for a handling fee.

By providing tickets for domestic or regional airlines we also disclaim any responsibility for any incidents which might occur, except for issuing and paying the tickets.

(External) activity and excursion providers (SIC Tours)

We make use of the services and products provided and operated by third party external specialized companies. Our aim is to source and co-operate with the best available companies in terms of quality, service, reputation and safety; and not in sourcing for the cheapest ones.  We solely act as an intermediary for bookings and payments.  By participating in one of those external company’s activities, we automatically disclaim any responsibility and liability concerning any of the services, injuries, deaths or loss, whatsoever.  On request, we can provide you with the insurance policies of those companies and products, as it has been provided by them to us.

Activities (fe. rafting, cycling, trekking, snorkeling, fast boats etc..) are generally operated in SIC with other international guests, and English speaking drivers, and includes the hotel transfers (if included) based on SIC.

(SIC) in the proposal means “Seat In Coach”, meaning that generally the Tour, Transfer, Excursion” read “Activity” will be shared with other participants. The Activity is generally organized by a 3th party. We source and contract the best available 3th party  organizers, based on their reputation, quality and safety record, and not based on the best pricing. However, we only act as a middlemen for the reservations and payments, and do disclaim any responsibility regarding the quality, delay’s, accidents, and whatsoever. All Terms and Conditions fall automatically as those one of the organizer, and are directly between the participant (client) and the organizer. If one not agree with our disclaimer prior to the formal booking, we strongly advise to book the activity directly with the activity supplier. The assigned private tour guide or tour leader, will generally not join the activity, and the tour guides assigned by the 3th party organizer are generally English speaking only.

It should be understood that if a ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ is included in the proposal, we can never guarantee the quality, and might mostly be of a good quality during the dry seasons.

It should be understood that we cannot guarantee the exact sights, or none sights at all, of animals in National Parks, open nature or open sea (>fe. the dolphins in Lovina).

Force Majeure

During the term of any agreement, neither party shall be in default of its obligations to the extent that its performance is delayed or prevented by causes beyond its reasonable control; including but not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, bankruptcy of a vendor, strikes and other labor disturbances, acts of war, civil disturbances, non provision of information by the supplier nor any other equivalent or comparable events.

Sudden unexpected costs / rise in fees

It might happen that there is a sudden increase, with or without prior announcement, in fe. Entrance fees, permits, airport tax, parking fees, etc..

Even though after our price confirmation and collectment of an invoice payment; In the event of imposed changes, we reserve the right to alter the rates accordingly.  We reserve the right to collect any differentials from the clients individually, should they arise.


Indonesia maintain extremely though and active rules and laws when it comes to narcotics including the considered soft drugs, with an absolute zero tolerance, and with heavy penalties, even dead penalties. For recreational users of certain narcotics, it is strongly advised to check before departure of their country all trouser pockets, luggage suitcases, backpacks, etc, if there is no forgotten ‘item’ left somewhere. Users of prescribed drugs or medications are advised to bring with them a doctor recommendation in English and the original copy of the purchase ticket.

Traveling in Indonesia and S.E.Asia in general requires a flexible and adventurous altitude towards all kinds of unexpected situations and circumstances.

It should be understood that the archipelago of Indonesia is sensitive for natural and unpredictable disasters, like fe; earthquakes, volcano eruptions or closures, landslides, high seas with closures of harbors, etc. In case of an unpredictable event INDONESIA HOLIDAYS DMC will do all what is reasonable possible to assist guests on the spot, with potential alternative routings or itineraries, but it should be understood and automatically accepted that in case of an unpredictable event any extra costs and expenses which might arise to have a suitable solution, should be paid on the spot by the participants of the program, unless there is a written guarantee that the extra costs will be bearded by the original booking agent.

Accidents, sickness, evacuation, or other unfortunate happenings to the guests might occur and happen at any time. It should be understood and automatically accepted that in case a case is handled by the insurance company of the guest, that Indonesia Holidays DMC will not get involved at any moment and for any reason, as this might turn against the policy of the insurance company. We do not take any costs involved to us. Although in case of a local hospitalization we will bring a courtesy and comfort visit when and if this is possible.

Duty of the Guest

Traveling in Indonesia or Thailand requires a flexible altitude to unexpected and unforeseen situations.

At any time a guest should behave properly and dress properly, according to the local customs and expectations.

Any what ‘we’ consider as unacceptable behavior, towards for example our guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant staff, hotel staff, local people, might result in a one way decision from our side that we exclude the guest to participate in the further program and we keep the right to stop the handling of his/her arrangements and our responsibility.


Extra conditions for THE FREE ADMISSION VOUCHER TO WATERBOM PARK, in Kuta; if this is included as a bonus;

  1. Is a onetime free admission, per person. Guests are entitled to re-entry the park within the same day
  2. The voucher will be on name.
  3. A family pass will be given for families with two adults and twochildren below 12 yrs.
  4. A child pass will be given for children below 12 yrs.
  5. The voucher is not exchangeable to any other product, service, discount, cash, or another date than the featured expiry date.
  6. The voucher is not refundable or reimbursable if not used, and will expire on the featured expiry date.
  7. The voucher does not include hotel transfers
  8. The voucher gives access to the entire park, except: towel, locker, Euro Bungy, Water Blaster, digi photo, Fish Spa, Reflexology, and Gazebo rental, which are all available for an extra charge by the guest.
  9. Indonesia Holidays DMC disclaims any responsibility regarding the quality of the services and products, accidents, sickness caused by the product, theft of personal belongings, etc; this responsibility is fully entitled to the Waterbom Park in Kuta, Bali.
  10. The published rate for the admission is U$D 33 / adult , U$D 21 / children, U$D 100 /  Family. 12) No entry allowed during Bali’s Nyepi Day on March 09, 2015. 13) Three speed slides (Smash Down, Race Track and Boogie Ride) are closed and taken down to replace with 4 new exciting slides which will open somewhere during the first quarter of 2015.
  11. Guests should require with us for the admission voucher as we will not automatically distribute the admission voucher and will not give information about the included bonus.


If your clients are traveling out from Europe, it is strongly advised to bring Euro cash, and not U$D cash. Euro notes to maximum € 100 per note, not dirty, folded, stamped, torn..  ATM are widely available in Indonesia, except at some remote locations or islands. Some nationalities need to verify with their banks if their ATM cards are allowed internationally.

Tipping is never included in the price proposal. Tipping in Indonesia is normal and expected. The average daily amount for tippingdepends of the itinerary.

For round tours this will be an average 10 to 15 euros per day (for the driver, guide, sightseeing guides, bellboys, etc). For Beach Stays this will be an average of 2 to 5 euros per day (housekeeping, etc). It is strongly advised to inform the guests about tipping.

Blackout Dates

Be informed that March 09, 2016 is ‘Nyepi day’ (Balinese Newyear) in Bali. No movements are allowed from 08 March at noon till 10 March at noon, and guests are not allowed to leave the hotel premises, and not all facilities in the hotel might be operative.

Be informed that on July 17 and 18, 2015  and July 06 and 07, 2016 it are ‘Idul Fitri’ (end of Ramadan) celebrations in Indonesia. During the whole month of July there will be extreme traffic on roadways, flights, ferries, trains, etc., which may cause big delays and unpleasant and discomfort situations for clients traveling especially in Java and Sumatra. Due to limited guides available during the festive period, early bookings are recommended.

Visa and Passenger Service Charge at the airports

Following European nationalities are currently allowed for a visa free entry into Indonesia, for a maximum stay of 30 days;

Germany / France / Great Britain / The Netherlands / Italy / Spain / Switzerland / Belgium  / Sweden  / Denmark / Norway / Austria / Finland / Poland / Hungary / Czechoslovakia.

Only allowed for a visa free entry and exit into/out at following airports;

  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta.
  • Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali.
  • KualuNamu Airport in Medan, North Sumatra.
  • Juanda Airport in Surabaya, East Java.
  • Hang Nadim Airport in Batam.

If the exit is at an airport not assigned for a visa free entry, a visa should be bought upon arrival (U$D 35pp).

Subject to change at any time, and we disclaim any responsibility for this information.

International passports should have an expiry date of at least 6 months after the return date.

Departure tax: international outbound tickets which are issued after 9 February 2015 are exempted of paying

the PSC   (Passenger Service Charge) of Rp 200.000pp at the airport .


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